You Are About To Discover The Solution To The Biggest Mistakes Artists   In Their Show Business Fail.....


Discover secrets to producing the results your show business has been searching for...... 

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Time: Monday thru Friday

5 Day Commitment

1-2 hrs per day. Embrace the process.

Final Result

More  Business

Level up by making better business decisions and become prepared for opportunities by the end of class.

This Is For

Artists, Managers etc

New or seasoned artists this class will level you up.


Learn to make precise, profitable and purposeful show bookings through a proven process that Courtney Benjamin, his artists and students have used to generate thousands of dollars in bookings.

Improve your skills drastically through our in-depth training and Q&A sessions. This is the time to level up, build confidence and start earning your worth.

DAY 1: Show Biz Roots

On our first day you will know how to properly structure your show business to gain attention needed and to increase your income.

  • Show Biz Roots - What Separates You From The Rest

DAY 2: Systemization

On the second day you will learn how to create systems for your bookings.

  • Booking Systems - Will Make or Break Your Show Business

DAY 3: Booking Strategies

On the third day you will know how to apply strategies to create awareness and understand why people will book you.

  • Booking Strategies - Why Promoters/Talent Buyers Buy or Not Buy
  • Maximize You Getting Booked

DAY 4: Booking Scripts

On the fourth day you will know how to speak the language that converts.

  • Booking Scripts - What to Say and How to Say It

DAY 5: Show Biz Success

On the fifth day you will know what your value is and how to the create deals.

  • Show Success - What Makes Booking You Irresistible

You Can Step Up To The Challenge

There Are Two Ways. Here's How:
  • Via Live Challenge
  • Recordings Available For A Limited Time After Live Sessions
  • Next Challenge Starts:

    February 20th - February 24th

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    7pm - 8pm EST

    General Admission

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    6 pm - 8pm EST

    VIP Experience

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    General Admission

    Here's What You Get:

    • 5 Days of Booking Shows w/ Courtney Benjamin
    • Access To Book More Shows Challenge FB Group
    • Dominate Your Market(s) And Crush The Competition 
    • How to Sell You To Any Promoter

    VIP Experience

    Here's What You Get:

    • 5 Days of Booking Shows w/ Courtney Benjamin
    • Access To Book More Shows Challenge FB Group
    • How to Sell You To Any Promoter
    • Vip Q&A Session (An Additional Hour of Training) Via Zoom Each Day w/ Courtney Benjamin 
    • Strategy Meeting For Your Show Business


    Q: Who Is This Class For?

    Artists who have products and services wanting to sell more and serve their audience on more stages. If you are a manager looking to scale your artists show business and provide more opportunities this class is for you.


    Q:Who Is This Class Not For?

    Artists and Managers that are comfortable where they are in their show business and music career. Anyone not will to learn and apply the wisdom given. People perish for the lack of knowledge. Which means if you know everything you are holding yourself back from learning; always remain a student. If you are not serious about changing for the better please waste your money or time. 


    How Much Is The Training?

    General admission is $97 and VIP Experience is $297. Vip Experience is limited to 50 people each challenge; first come first serve. This allows you an extra hour and a guarantee to get you your question answered during the Q&A VIP session on zoom w/ Courtney Benjamin.


    Are The Challenge Classes Live?

    Yes, classes are live. You can watch live or catch the replay in the Facebook Group for the limited time they will be posted in the group.


    How Does The 5 Day Challenge Work?

    Each day will be from 7pm - 8pm EST and VIP Experience starts 1 hour early at 6 pm EST. 

    General Admission: 7pm-8pm EST

    VIP: 11am-1pm EST

    Tasks will be assigned each evening we encourage you to complete them within the window provided.


    Will I Get To Ask Questions Directly To Courtney?

    Only VIP Experience ticket holders. General admission ticket holders will not have access. General admission will have a chance to upgrade if slots are or become available a few days before the challenge; so check your emails...