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  • 1:1 Consultations ($1497 Value)
  • Events ($99 Value)
  • Conference Discounts ($150 Value)
  • Ebook Discounts ($297 Value)
  • Courses ($5499 Value)
  • Writing Services: (Bio, Onesheets, Press Release, Article/Blog Posts) ($497 Value)
  • Songwriting Services ($399 Value)
  • Mixing/Mastering ($1497 Value)
  • Graphic Design: Album Covers, Flyers ($999 Value)
  • Video Editing ($1400 Value)
  • Content Creation (Video/Graphic) ($1497 Value)
  • VA Services ($1600 Value)
  • Website Creation ($597 Value)
  • Radio Submissions ($600 Value)
  • Music Video Submissions ($497 Value)  
  • Access to Business Funding
  • Credit Repair Services ($750 Value)
  • and more......
Weekly Legacy Call

Every Thursday Night 7pm-8pm

Group Collaborations

We are in this to build generational wealth and push each other to greatness. Network with our community of songwriters, producers, artists and music industry execs for opportunities to create and get placed....


Our Awesome Team

Courtney Benjamin


Joseph Bellanca

Entertainment Attorney

Ron D

Film Composer / Business Consultant

Kevin Rockhill

Film Composer

Brandon Smith

ARTIST Development / Vocal Coach

Paul "PDA" Allen

Grammy Award Winning Producer/ Songwriter (Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, JMoss)


Placement & Pitching

As a member you get a chance to create and pitch your music to advertising agencies, tv networks, spotify playlists and music supervisors....

focus Group

Get unbiased opinions on your music and get a target direction to put your marketing efforts.

Members ONly

Preparation for generational wealth building. Private Clubhouse & Facebook communities. 

Royalty Audit

Lets see if you have royalties floating around waiting for you to claim.

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Music Legacy Builders Monthly Membership $59.99/month

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What does your career mean to you? The value in these 3 ebooks + (2 Bonus ebooks) will help you manage your money and get you connected to the right people in the music industry: "THE PROFITS LIST" plus Music Supervisors, Label, Agents, Managers, Youtube reaction channels and radio stations. Just in the The Profits List by itself you get: A list of resources with tools to help you manage the money you make off your music career. (105 pages of knowledge and resources.) Music Conferences and Festivals - Internet Radio Stations - Youtube Music Promo Channels - Youtube Reaction Channels - Music Supervisors - Music Libraries Plus Calculators for: Mechanical Royalties - Show Money - Music Licensing Payout Plus PLUS: Generational Wealth Flow - Radio Prep - Isrc Code & Upc Registration VALUE: a person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life. WORTH: high value or merit. YOU ARE WORTH IT SO BECOME VALUABLE IN YOUR CAREER!!!

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